April 5–7, 2019 • Submissions Open September 4


  • Sankofa Community Farm

    Sankofa Community Farm

    2018 • Food, Land, Local
    Director: Director: Mitchell Smith (US)

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    The Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden not only increases Southwest and West Philadelphia communities’ access to fresh, organic food, but helps people develop self-reliance and deepen their relationship with the land, their food, and each other.

  • Thriving with Their Feet Wet

    Thriving with Their Feet Wet

    2018 • Land, Local, Wildlife
    Director: Director: Mitchell Smith (US)

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    The Pinelands Preservation Alliance is working to protect one of the cleanest aquifers in America, a vast reserve of fresh water that underlies southern New Jersey. Yet this aquifer and the tiny colorful frogs that depend on it—the threatened Pine Barrens Tree Frog—are under severe environmental stress.