April 5–7, 2019 • Tickets On Sale Soon!


Student Short Environmental Film Competition

Sponsored by Drexel University

Enter your short film about our planet or how you can make a difference, for a chance to win cash prizes and a special screening of your film at the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival in April 2019.


Kid’s Planet Program

Presented by Saint-Gobain (2018 Festival)

An enriching half-day program of environmental films and educational activities curated for 400+ Philadelphia-area schoolchildren at the Prince Theater.  The progam included shorts by and for kids, centered around a 30-minute film on plastics by 14-year old award-winning filmmaker Dylan D’Haeze, who was present to discuss the topic. The films were supplemented by a custom designed lesson plan on plastic pollution in our waterways and actively engaged students in environmental and filmmaking conversations.  Funding support from Trolley Car Helping Hands.  Lesson plan designed by Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants.

“CCSA 4th grade scholars had the amazing opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival last spring.  That experience was greatly appreciated since it supported our Science curriculum and overall important message of the current dire need of caring for the environment.  Our students were exposed to a trip to the city and they enjoyed a film created by another student only a few years older than them.  They were able to see firsthand that young people can and do have a voice.  The young filmmaker sparked thought-provoking ideas for our young scholars.  The 4th graders made connections and continued the discussion in class in the following days and weeks after the film festival.  Some students chose to be more mindful with plastics and waste during lunch and outside of school and were excited to share their experiences in class.  We had a wonderful time and are excited to attend the festival in the future!  Thank you!” 4th grade team, CCSA

“Last spring Emlen students took a field trip to the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival.  Students had the opportunity to view Dylan D’Haeze’s short film, Plastic is Forever. The film followed the path of plastic trash, which ultimately ends up in our oceans.  Our students were exposed to the dangers of trash filling our oceans as they become dumping grounds polluting marine life and the earth. To follow this lesson, the film encouraged students to find ways of not using single use supplies. Students learned how they can switch to using paper bags, wooden toys, and silverware vs plastic for example. On our way back to school, students were challenged to think about how they would make a difference moving forward.” Community Program Coordinator, Emlen Elementary School

Fairmount Water Works Student Action Workshops

Made possible with support from the Philadelphia Water Department

Fairmount Water Works hosted an interactive half-day program for 75 selected Philadelphia middle school students.  In a hands-on, workshop-style setting led by the founders of Kids Can Save the Planet — 14-year old filmmaker Dylan D’Haeze and his mother and producer Dawn D’Haeze — students discussed environmental topics as well as brainstormed ideas to make shorts of their own.