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  • Mexican Fishing Bats

    Mexican Fishing Bats

    2018 • Global Perspectives, Water, Wildlife
    Director: Director: Edward M. Roqueta (Canada)

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    In the Sea of Cortez, researchers delve into the mysteries of the endangered Mexican fishing bat using boats, nets, and high-tech gear.

  • Person of the Forest

    Person of the Forest

    2018 • Environmental Advocacy, Wildlife
    Director: Director: Melissa Lesh (US)

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    An intriguing glimpse into the habits of wild orangutans, who have been documented making pillows, fashioning umbrellas, and displaying regional greetings. With their habitat in the lowland rainforests of Borneo disappearing at an alarming rate, this research may be key in protecting this critically endangered species.

  • The Islands and the Whales

    The Islands and the Whales

    2017 • Environmental Advocacy, Food, Global Perspectives, Water, Wildlife
    Director: Director: Mike Day (UK, Denmark)

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    On the isolated Faroe Islands, halfway between Scotland and Iceland, the descendants of the Vikings find their longtime whale hunting practices threatened by animal rights activism, plummeting wildlife populations, and rising mercury levels.

  • Thriving with Their Feet Wet

    Thriving with Their Feet Wet

    2018 • Land, Local, Wildlife
    Director: Director: Mitchell Smith (US)

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    The Pinelands Preservation Alliance is working to protect one of the cleanest aquifers in America, a vast reserve of fresh water that underlies southern New Jersey. Yet this aquifer and the tiny colorful frogs that depend on it—the threatened Pine Barrens Tree Frog—are under severe environmental stress.