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Debra is head of Conservation Matters, LLC, a firm providing legal, policy, and strategic planning services to environmental organizations and government agencies. She served as Executive Director of Delaware Canal 21, a fundraising and advocacy group for the historic 60-mile long Delaware Canal and recreation path, part of the East Coast Greenway. Debra formerly was regional advisor for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, general counsel at Heritage Conservancy, and an attorney with the law firm of Wolf Block. As chair of the Land Use Committee of the Philadelphia Commission on Parks & Recreation, she drafted the city’s first parkland protection ordinance. Debra also served as vice president of the Fairmount Park Commission. Debra was co-host of the popular environmental television show “Greenworks for Pennsylvania” and has written numerous scholarly and popular publications on environmental issues. Debra’s been a tree hugger since she was 11, when her favorite chestnut tree was chopped down to make way for a parking lot.