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Tigre is a writer/producer/director whose documentary, “The Shame Of A City” (released in 2006), explored the underbelly of Philadelphia politics during the controversial mayoral contest of 2003. The election became a national story when a FBI bug was found in the incumbent mayor’s office 27 days before the election. In 2010 came “The Barrel Of A Gun,” which looked at the controversial killing of officer Daniel Faulkner by former Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. Tigre currently is working on the Mafia documentary “The Corrupt And The Dead,’ which takes a look at the origins of the Mafia and the economic impact it has had on society. He also is in pre-production for his script “American Zealot,” based on the life of attorney/civil rights activist Cecil B. Moore. Tigre is drawn to film for its ability to enlighten, inspire, and entertain.