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Now that you’ve watched some films and are wondering what you can do to contribute, we’ve provided a resource list to get you started.

There are many local and regional non-profits working on a broad spectrum of environmental issues such as community gardens, environmental justice, and watershed protection.  Take a look at our Community Partner and Sponsor list to see some of the most effective and active groups in this area. By supporting those organizations with your money and/or time, you can make a difference. You also may be interested in the information below, provided by Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability, laying out dozens of specific actions that you can take right now to help improve the quality of life in Philadelphia — and the planet.

City of Philadelphia Office of Sustainability

The Greenworks on the Ground checklists show individuals, communities, and institutions (including businesses, schools, and houses of worship) how they can help make the Greenworks visions a reality.

Checklists are collected under each type of participant:

To receive printed copies of these guides or to suggest additional recommendations for the next version of Greenworks on the Ground, please contact