April 5–7, 2019 • Submissions Open September 4


“The Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival was like a breath of fresh air for this community. In an ever-changing world… the effort of sustaining the environment also means sustaining ourselves.” Professional recording artist Lauren Hart & Todd Carmichael, CEO of La Colombe Torrefaction and Host of Travel Channels Dangerous Grounds

“This was a splendid opening for an environmental film festival that will have many successful years providing its community with high quality films. Great audience responses and stellar hospitality to all. I look forward to returning with my latest work. Had a fabulous time!” Academy Award-winning Director and Producer, and Television Academy of Arts and Sciences Emmy Legend Susan Raymond, Director, Killing the Colorado  

“This was their first year, but it didn’t show. It was a very professional and organized festival. The communication was outstanding! Everything flowed smoothly, and it is sure to become larger every year!” Dave Edwards, Emmy Award-winning photojournalist and Director, King in the Mountain

“I’ve seen many films lately that are breaking the mold of what is typically considered an ‘environmental film.’ Like these films, what I have been trying to do—and what I feel that the Environmental Film Festival is focused on doing—is presenting work that finds different avenues to engage the viewer. I think art can be the strongest way to promote awareness and advocacy. The environment as a topic for film is only going to get progressively more important. These films and these discussions around them couldn’t be more vital.” David Scott Kessler, visual artist and Director, Nine Fires

“We had an amazing time at this festival.  It is very well managed and they are excellent communicators, making sure filmmakers have a positive experience.  I can imagine this festival will soon become one of the most successful festivals in the world.  I highly recommend it.” Dylan D’Haeze, Director, Plastic is Forever